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Spot Pet Insurance is a start-up that white labels an insurance product for a principal underwriter in the pet insurance industry. I was hired as the only internal tech resource, Web Developer UI/UX, to manage and improve their WordPress-powered website. I decreased load times from nine seconds to three seconds within the first two months. After establishing an internal development team, I became the principal lead on UI/UX within the company.

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The Challenge

One of the main challenges was educating stakeholders in the company that the organization was not a digital marketing firm and a digital technology firm that should use data-driven metrics to target critical personas within the pet insurance sector. Throughout a few hurdles in resource requests, the company finally decided to hire an internal development team and shore up its data analytics. During this timeframe, the company also went through a major brand update.

My Role

I was the principal lead on technology for the first half of 2021 and phased into UI/UX lead in the second half of the year, after founding an internal development team.

The Results

Spot Pet Insurance US landing / homepage brand update

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Rebranding email examples

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Complete Email Journey Breakdown

Homepage progression
(day 1 to current)

One page quote form concepts
(six quick concepts)

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What I Learned

During the beginning stages of any start-up, an individual wears many hats (roles), and as that start-up grows, those hats are slowly passed off to internal resources brought on. Your part within a growing organization is sometimes fluid and should change with the needs of the overall company. In addition, the importance of data-driven decisions and usertesting with key personas is the key to the success of a start-up.

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